Anita was passionate about literacy and volunteered at the Community Learning Center in Clearwater, Florida. 


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Newly published


                                    Marco's Gift


  This highly charged romantic novel takes place on Taboga Island in the Bay of Panama.  It is an island caught up in its past, suffering from poverty and superstition, owned by a nation oppressed by both church and state. The local island leader, Marco Rodriguez, is an enigmatic man, a teacher who cares deeply for his people's welfare.  Though he has no official title, the islanders know him as the Devil Man, a figure from Panamanian legend.  A third generation Devil Man, Marco inherited his Stone from his father.  Accepting the Stone, he has made a pact with the Devil.  He carried the Stone, a religious artifact, embedded in his arm. US University educated, Marco is torn by the opposing worlds, one steeped in religious superstition, and the other riddled with immediate social, political and economic problems.  He is secretly uncertain of the alleged power of his Stone.  But who would he be without it?  This is Marco's terror.  

  Elizabeth Rogers, an elegant blonde from Boston, arrives on the island.  She is a successful art dealer who has done some research and is certain the artist Paul Gauguin, suffering from malaria and a patient at the island sanitarium (circa French Canal,1887) painted while hospitalized.   According to rumor, Gauguin's own journal writings, and Elizabeth's investigations, the Gauguin paintings exist, hidden somewhere on the island.  Elizabeth intends to find them.

  Elizabeth finds refuge in her work.  She will not permit herself to trust another human being.  She carries her own "stone," the fear of love.  Abandoned at an early age, Elizabeth still suffers from the sexual abuse inflicted on her by her stepfather when she was a child, followed by her mother's suicide.

  Slowly, Taboga draws Elizabeth into itself.  Its beauty and history are seductive.  The island's emerald green bay filled with villagers' fishing boats, the small coves of beaches, dense jungle mountain sides, and flowering fragrances are all deeply magnetizing.  But the island's poverty and ignorance angers Elizabeth.

  Inevitably she meets the island's leader, Marco.  Their encounter is fraught with mutual distrust and attraction.  But it will grow into a love affair greater than any relationship either of them has ever known.  Physical attraction is immediate, undeniable.  Two people who consider themselves incapable of love now find love inescapable.  The novel culminates to a violent conflict during which Elizabeth must make a terrifying decision.  

  Marco's Gift is a powerful tale of a doomed but irresistible love affair. It is a story of a promise kept, and the healing power of love.


Artwork for Purchase


Any of the artwork by Anita McAndrews is available in print format of various sizes.  Contact Anita Welch for more information.  See Contact page.  


Galleries & Art Work



Anita was a co-founder of Spring Bull Gallery in Newport, Rhode Island, where she exhibited and sold many of her works.  Visit their website at 


Spring Bull Gallery

DeBlois Gallery

Anita was a member of this unique contemporary art gallery.

Visit their website at:

Kuna Art of Panama


         Anita McAndrews Poets for Human Rights Contest

               2020 Annual Anita McAndrews Award Poetry Contest 

Poets for Human Rights Call for submissions –
2020 Anita McAndrews Award Poetry Contest.
Has Human Rights ever been a more relevant theme for poets?
*Theme is human rights. Familiarity with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is recommended.

*Submit up to three poems.
*No simultaneous submissions or previously published poems.
*Any style or form is allowed.
*Length limit - 1 page, 8 1/2 x 11, 12 point font or larger. Left justified.
*No handwritten poems will be accepted.
*Do not include graphics.
*Cover sheet must include your name, address, phone number, email address, poem title(s), permission to publish, brief bio.

Submission options:
*Mail hard copy entries to Stazja McFadyen, 1006 Vapor Drive, Pflugerville, Texas 78660. Send two copies of each poem: one copy to include your name and contact information, one blind copy without identifying information. Postmark deadline: November 30, 2019.
*Email entries to – Send entries in the body of email, or as pdf attachments.
Winning poems will be announced and read on or around December 10, 2020 at a celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
First prize $200, Second prize $50.


Judge for 2020 contest:

Brett Axel from Utica, NY.

Brett Axel's poetry, fiction, and book reviews have appeared in over 100 literary journals and magazines. He has three collections of poetry in print, edited the poetry anthology Will Work For Peace, wrote the critically acclaimed children's books, Goblinheart: a Fairy Tale. His current book is Not Okay, a novel.

For more information, contact



For more information on submitting for the 2020 poetry contest, , contact

(cash prizes for 1st ans 2nd places)



*Universal Declaration of Human Rights Campaign:


 What are Human Rights?


In Addition Renee Duke Youth Award Poetry Contest

2020 Renee Duke Youth Award Poetry Contest
Poets for Human Rights is accepting submissions from poets aged 17 or younger.
Theme: Any of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
1st Prize: $100. Presentation of winning poem at annual Poets for Human Rights event on the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in December 2020.
Format: Left justified, 12 point font. No colors, no graphics.
Multi-lingual poems are welcome.
Length: Up to 96 lines double spaced.
Submissions deadline: November 30, 2020
No simultaneous submissions or previously published poems.
Submit poems by email to, in body of email or pdf attachment. No hyperlinks or word.doc attachments will be considered.
In subject line, write “poetry contest”
Include name, address, telephone number, age, permission to publish. Short bio is optional.
Announcement of Winner: December 10, 2020
Among past Youth Award winners are 2013 Isabel DeBre of Los Angeles, California, “Home”
2015 Joyce Hida of Vernon, Connecticut, “Article 14: Right to Asylum in other Countries from Persecution”;
2017 Lysandra Furstenberg of Centurion, South Africa
2019 Phoenix McFadyen, San Marcos, TX, “The Right to Be Nice”



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